2016 is almost over and I felt like writing again (which happens quite rarely). Trying to recollect few of the highilghts of this year, which was full of surprises, excitement and challenges.

My 2 month internship at Amazon was an amazing experience and a new phase, be it living separately for the first time in a different city, or my first ever internship/job experience.

Before I leave for Hyderabad in a few days, I thought of paying another visit to Lodhi Garden, and immerse myself into its serene environment one last time (before I return).

“Game of Thrones” is almost on every lips of the people you come across. You yourself might be an ardent follower of the hit HBO TV series. But what you might not be aware of is the genius put behind in building up this epic fantasy series, by none other than the author himself of A song of ice and fire books: George RR Martin.

The site's live.

It took a lot of work and testing to finally launch the beta version of JEEQuery. It is something I have been working on for a long time, which brought forward various challenges and hurdles, and kept me occupied all this time.

django-admin.py startproject newproj
I had learnt the django framework basics quite a while ago, but never worked on or made a complete functional project.
To kick off, I’m starting a basic Q&A app using django, and plan to learn along with the challenges I face, and discover new stuff.

Here is the easy step-wise installation guide to install Ubuntu along side with your Windows (dual boot)

Step 1: Make sure you have free, unallocated space

Open your Windows, right click on your ‘Computer’, click on ‘Manage’, Click on ‘Disk Management’
Here you shall see the current partitions of hard disk.