December 31, 2020

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2020 - A Look back at the Year

2020 - A Look back at the Year

Looking back at 2020, it was a confusing ride. The pandemic / lockdown had nothing to with that, for me at least. For me it was….really…confusing, at a personal level. Not sure what other word to use to describe it.

It had started off well, in January. But Feb / March onwards was when it started to get…confusing.

Anyways, leaving that confusion apart, due to the lockdown I really got to try out things I didn’t take out time to do earlier. I learnt cooking, more drums, keyboard, more guitar, got myself into reading again, and started to take gym seriously.

I also got a chance to learn motorcycle and also mastered my driving. I got more active on my YouTube channel and made videos related to music and tech. I revamped my blog and got more into writing. I kick started learning Flutter and also NextJS.

Unlike my other ‘Year in review’ blog posts, I’m not really in the feeling to write more about it.

Going forward, I hope I continue to actively:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Develop apps
  • Learn
  • Explore and Take risks
  • Exercise and play sports

oh and most importantly, I ought to live more in the present than in the past.

That’s all for that. Happy New Year :)

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