Before I leave for Hyderabad in a few days, I thought of paying another visit to Lodhi Garden, and immerse myself into its serene environment one last time (before I return).

I usually do not carry my cell phone whenever I go out for a walk, but this time I thought of capturing some moments and, well, share on my blog.

I take the road along my colony to cover up 1.5 KMs to reach the garden.

The trees will greet you along the path at the entrance of the garden.

The dome called the Sheesh Gumbad


Lost in the greenery

" Oh dont mind. Just chillin' "

The lake's here

Dammit Paul! Don't break the line!

A closer look

Sunbath + Sprinkler bath = Ultimate bath

Some school children on their picnic. I now remember my school days when we were brought here a lot. Those were some glorious times

Well, that’s all folks!

Until next time.