Well, 2018 is over and it feels like it went by so fast. As compared to 2017 or ‘16, there might not be anything that was majorly interesting, but nonetheless, it was a good year.

Oh, hey! Don’t mind, this is just a test blog. I don’t really have anything on my mind on what to put down on this one. I overslept the last night, had some relaxing nap some time later, and here I am super awake at midnight.

I love listening to music on Spotify. There were times I used to wish that I could instantly view lyrics of the song being played on Spotify, without going through the trouble of browsing the net. Well, not anymore.

It was the summer of 2015. I was down with an illness and had to stay confined in a room. Being too disinclined to prepare for interviews, I started out with a new django project, with the purpose of learning some new stuff in django.

It started out to be a simple Q&A app, like Quora. After a while, I had an idea of building a forum type app, exclusively for IIT-JEE preparations. And that’s how it went.

2016 is almost over and I felt like writing again (which happens quite rarely). Trying to recollect few of the highilghts of this year, which was full of surprises, excitement and challenges.

My 2 month internship at Amazon was an amazing experience and a new phase, be it living separately for the first time in a different city, or my first ever internship/job experience.

Before I leave for Hyderabad in a few days, I thought of paying another visit to Lodhi Garden, and immerse myself into its serene environment one last time (before I return).